Denim Guide : How to buy different Denim everytime

Denim is the most iconic fashion cloth present in the world. But buying a new denim is an art and a time taking process. Are you also one of those who find all denims similar or one who dosn`t know what different to buy in denim? Remember when our mom always complain “you have so many blue denims why you bought new thats too similar looking”. God, first of all we did the most difficult task of buying a new pair & an add on, we ourselves confused what so different about this new purchase. Ok don`t worry now. We tell you how you can buy & collect new different looking denims when you go next for your denim shopping & look enviable. Denims are so playful that to buy different piece you can play with range of different fits, colours, washes, finishings & styles.

1. Fits : Today all denim brands are offering different kind of fits for different look. Bootcuts, Flared, Skinny, High Rise, Low Rise, Culotte, Boyfriend, Jogger, Jegging & many more which fits & look totally different from each other.

Celebrities denim fits

2. Washes : So much evolution is happening in denim industry that now so many kind of washes are been treated on denim to get different touch & feel. Washes are kind of chemical treatment done on denim fabric to give different feel & effect to the denim. Same fabric can look as soft as silk, as light as ice & same can look dark & hard. Washes like Acid wash, Bleaching, Ripped, Light, Dark, scrapping etc are done. washes on denims are the most important feature which makes denim look unique from others.

celebrity denim washes

celebrities denim washes

3. Embellishments : Denim is so playful that besides different cuts & washes, lot of other technique can be done to make it look more interesting. Embroidery, Patch work, Studs, Prints, Applique & many more can be done. Adding any of these technique gives a kind of signature to the look.

celebrity denim prints studs paint

4. Colours : The most important part of fashion from where the story of fashion starts are Colours. Earlier denim used to be made only in Indigo colour (a shade of Blue) but gradually, fashion designers have brought denims in every Pantone Colour present today. SO people who loves playing with colours don`t have to compromise even in denims. If you are creative, then you can buy & get a denim stitched & get it dye in your favourite colour. 

celebrities denim colours


A new Red Carpet look of Shama Sikander is Revolutionary

Bollywood actress Shama Sikander yesterday attended Times Of India Sport Awards in Mumbai where she was spotted in a black crop top with a one sided train in it. This was a modern twisted red carpet look styled by her. It is a great trendy style when you are looking for a comfort too. The best design detail which made the look workable and stylish is the one sided train of the black crop top. For us now everyone must have at least one of this kind of top for formal occassions when you will also looking for some comfort.

New trendy style to wear a shirtdress like bollywood actresses

Summers are just around the corner and the perfect time of wearing a shirtdress is coming. Toned up your legs to fluant, get your exsisitng shirtdress, short skirt & short deess ready. Why to wear your shirtdress the way it is suppose to wear? Wear your sexy short skirt over your shirt dress where the hem of that shirtdress keeps peeping from the skirts end. Lot of bollywood celebrities have been spotting carrying this trendiest style which is in fashion internationally.

Second way to wear your shirtdress in a new stylish way is, wear your short spaghetti or tube dress over your shirtdress like these bollywood celebrities Shraddha Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra are wearing.

How to style Indo-Western Saree like Shilpa Shetty

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has become the fashion icon and her Indo-Western Sarees have become her signature style. Since now every modern girl loves to wear saree occassionaly but not in a traditional way, we are showing you various styles of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty in Indo-Weatern Sarees. So if you are going for a shopping or going to your personal boutique to get an Indo-Western saree, just choose any style from Shilpa Shetty’s and look as fashionable as Shilpa Shetty. But do not forget that right makeup and selction of right accessories can make or mar your look. From wedding to event you can style this look in any formal occassion. So let see, get inspire & love Shilpa Shetty’s Indo-Western Sarees.

Best Style Ideas to wear Sharara Pants : The New Fashion Trend

In fashion & trends there are so many examples where some old fashion has became the latest trend with a modern twist in it. The same way, there is a new addition in these examples of fashion. Introducing “Sharara Pants”. The origins of this attire is said to have come from the design aesthetics of Mughal royalties. Sharara gained recognition in India with the arrival of Mughals in India. A common attire of women belonging to the royal classes during the period of the Mughal rule, the Sharara has since become popular amongst Pakistani and Muslim women across the globe. Bollywood movies in the 1970’s and 80’s also contributed to the increasing popularity of the outfit in India.

Now with time even Sharara has been evolved & has become modern. From traditional wear to wedding attire, now in 2018 Sharara is taking place in a  wardrobe of modern Indian girl around the globe who loves & feel comfortable in western wear. Therefore Sharara has come out as a trendiest fashion with a modern twist in a new name of “Sharara Pants”. Sharara Pants are available in various fabrics, colours, styles & textures. We are showing you various style ideas of Sharara Pants you can carry at different occassion.

1. Plain Silk Sharara Pants : Every girl love colours. So why to keep Sharara Pants away from it. Get these Sharara Pants made from your local tailors or boutiques in the latest colour or your favourite colours. Also these are ready to wear available on various online shopping websites along with fashion streets of the cities. Team up with a crop top & look chic.

sharara (snapdeal)

source :

2. Sexy see through Lace : Yeah it may sound weird to you at first time, but Sharara in see through lace looks sexy yet stylish at the same time. Going out in the evening to hang out or to a cocktail party this is a perfect choice to wear. Very modern version of traditional clothing.

sharara pants

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3. Printed Sharara Pants : Sharara Pants fashion is now so in trend that even Bollywood actresses cant deprieve them to style these. Recently Bollywood actress Amayra Dastur was spotted in a printed Sharara Pants worn with a front knotted matching crop top. Well the picture says all.

source : amayra dastur on instagram

4. A western Sharana Pants : If you are somebody who feels best & comfortable in a western trousers mainly then do not feel sad. Get your Sharara Pants made in your trousers fabric and wear it with your western jacket or top. This style looks so neat & clean that you can even carry this style for your office wear or while travelling.

sharara (pinterest)

source : pinterest

5. Sharara Pants in Velvet : Since we are talking about a fashionable cloth than how can we stop playing it with different rich fabrics like Velvet. Get your Sharara Pants made in Velvet fabric in any colour. You can keep it plain or get it embelished it with an embroidery or any surface embelishment technique.


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6. Cotton Block Printed Sharara Pants : Summers are around the corner & nothing suits best than cotton fabric to the body. Block printed cotton fabric is one of the prominient fabrics available in India with its  true Indian essence. If you are a college going girl or goes to a tutuion classes or work in some NGO or loves ethnic look then this is a perfect trendy Sharara Pants style for you. Team up with short length kurta or a ganji or infact a tshirt & you look a perfect example of modern Indian girl.

sharara (

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7. Indo-Western Sharara Pants : Bollywood actress is Indians most influencing fashion icon. When we are talking about latest fashion & we dont mention Sonam Kapoor is just nxt to impossible. Now you can feel how trendy Sharara Pants have become that even Sonam Kapoor cant resist wearing it on a red carpet. Style Sharara Pants like Sonam for a Indo-Western look.

source : sonam kapoor on instagram

8. A modern party wear : Kitty parties & birthday parties & even baby showers have become the part of modern Indian lifestyle. Be it any such occassion you need a stylish light semi formals to wear. So this is it. A light weight Sharara Pants made of two fabrics, one a laser cut cotton & the other one a printed georgette fabric, styled with the matching fabric crop top. Wear a see through matching colour shrug, or a jacket or or a cape to make it look stylish.

source : google images

How to wear a Bikini in a most stylish way inspired by fashionista Gauri Mehta

I am Gauri Mehta, a Mumbai girl based in Dubai. I work as a Fashion Buyer & also a model. I am that girl who will smile equally wide for compliments as well as criticism. For me, being comfortable in your own skin is of utmost importance. My one belief has always been that it is always possible to achieve what you have desired. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, then you have to start thinking about the best thing that can happen to you, instead of the worst.
bollywood actress bikini
Speaking of bikinis and lingeries, every body is beach ready but loads of us still struggle with the ‘I look Awesome’ attitude. I love wearing bikinis because it make me feel extremely sexy. Though I had to tone up my body a bit, to pull it off. But I feel extremely empowering & very Feminine. Lets face it, I think all women, kind of dream about looking incredible hot like that. Here I am sharing with you all,  my favourite bikini & lingerie styles to give you an insight about how to style yourself in Bikini & Lingerie & feel beautyful inside.
bollywood actress bikini
bollywood actress bikini
bollywood actress bikini
bollywood actress bikini

Breaking News! Deepika Padukone is in love again

Ranisa Padmaavati our very own beautyful Deepika Padukone is in love. But it is not some actor we are talking about. Her new love is the Silk Banarasi Saree. Lately she has been seeing wearing lot of Banarasi sarees at different occassions. Infact she also wore one at HT Style Awards held recently, where mainly you find celebrities wearing glamourous designer gowns and dresses. We are loving every bit of her Indian look and we hope this inspire lot of modern young women in India.

Priyanka Chopra sunglasses are complete style guide

“There is no such thing as too many pairs of Sunglasses” – Samantha August. This line is apt for our Global Desi StylingStar Priyanka Chopra. Without trendy sunglasses, no casual or street style is complete. But the difficult part to buy sunglasses is to choose one from uncountable options. So to make your life easy for shopping sunglasses, we have picked all the styles worn by Priyanka Chopra. She seems in love doing sunglasses collection & keep styling them in a different way frequently. Most impressive thing about her sunglasses style is that withour creating any fashion faux pass she has worn them almost all with a swag & breaking the notion of what suits your face shape & skin tone.

Tip :Buy & wear sunglasses you really like. It may be correct that shape of your face matter but not always, especially if you are confident & know how to carry style like a diva, the StylingStar.

So check out all the sunglasses styles of Priyanka Chopra below & start playing“Tipi Tipi Top, which Sunglasses  I want”.

priyanka chopra sunglassespriyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priynaka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

priyanka chopra sunglasses

source : priyank chopra on instagram

How to Buy SHIRT for Men

Girls are you one of them who always end up buying a bad fitted or outdated shirt for your bf /bro/husband/father/friend? Or you always end up getting frustrated while buying a shirt for men because of less knowledge of this most important fashion piece? Well we knew it, that is why we have come to your rescue. After reading this guide, next time buy a shirt like a pro stylist.

1. Size : This is the foremost thing you have to be assured of and tell the assistant at shop. The size of shirt you are looking for. You must have known shirt sizes like 38, 40, 40, 44 or S, M, L, XL. Ok, so shirt sizes are measured by Chest. For example – 40 size of shirt means 40 cm chest which is equal to M (Medium). SO first once for all know your husband chest size and next time onward you know it perfect.

source : teejunction
source : teejunction

2. Fit : Shirts come in different fits and patterns. Fits are known as Classic, Slim, Skinny, straight, etc. Classic fit is regular fit which is same for past many decades, whereas slim is one which fits to the body. But never buy slim fit for a man who has belly.

shirt fits

3.  Pattern : Today shirts are available in many patterns. Checks, stripes, prints, embroideries, different weaves styles. Depends on occasion, weather, body type you can choose patter accordingly.

shirt patterns

4. Collar Styles :There are numerous kind of collar styles and one of he very important design detail while choosing a shirt. Nehru collar, spread, wing, pinned, etc lot to choose from. If you start depreciating collar styles you can do a great job in managing many different shirt styles.

collar styles

5. Sleeves : There are mainly 2 types of sleeves. Full sleeves and half sleeves. Depends on weather, season, personal comfort you can opt for sleeves & cuff styles. Well these days men are liking full sleeves more both in formal & casuals. Especially in casuals, so many styles with sleeves you can play with. Also you can keep formal, semi formal & casual any look in the same full sleeves shirt.

ranbir kapoor shirt

shirt sleeves designs

6. Colours : Well unlike putting this common question “what colour will suit him?”, buy new colours which your man haven`t tried yet or not in his wardrobe. When you get confident of buying a shirt after reding all the above points, then be bold in choosing colours as well.

colours quotation

source : pinterest